How to deposit in b4u using Cryptocurrency

btc deposit

btc deposit to b4u

How to make a deposit in cryptocurrencies in B4U Global

In this tutorial you can see the process to make a deposit with cryptocurrencies in B4U Global

You will learn how you can deposit in a B4U account using any Cryptocurrency, I am using bitcoin for this learning method.



The method is almost the same as  USD deposit but instead of USD, we will use BTC for the currency. You can watch the video for more detail if you want from the link given below.

 Create a B4U account ➜ 

 Login to B4U account ➜

Click Deposits” in left menu

Click ➜ “New Deposit” button

Select Deposit Mode * : New Investment

Select Currency * : Select your crypto from the list Eg : BTC (Bitcoin)

Amount* : write the crypto amount that you are trying to deposit Eg : “1

click “Continue” button

you will get the BTC deposit address as following :

btc deposit
btc deposit to b4u


Now you can send crypto to the BTC Address as a deposit to B4U as new investment.





After transfer the BTC get screenshot and upload to that same page below form.

btc deposit slip
btc deposit slip


After approve from Company the deposit will add as a new investment , some time approve get time up to 3+ days.


I hope you got the method of how you can deposit money into your B4U account. Still, need to ask something? Comment below and I’ll get back to you soon. 🙂 Some helpful and recommended sources for new and old members 👍


IMPORTANT! B4U Global is an investment business that carries a risk. In no case the returns are guaranteed. Invest responsibly and don’t invest money that you can not afford to risk.



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