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Many things I will tell you clearly. First of all, understand that We are part of SR Group of compony And let us follow all his words.

The case of Saif-ur-Rehman which was going on in the High Court.
Saif ur Rehman was supposed to have a bail today but the bail was dismissed.

Saif Ur Rehman says we are Pakistani and we respect every law of his and whatever the high court decides we welcome it. We will accept the decision of the Supreme Court wholeheartedly and will abide by its decision. It is our right to go to the Supreme Court.

We have a legal department for this which is leading him. Mr. Latif will manage all these things very well so don’t get tense.

Many people are a little upset after this situation. I will address all these friends and say that all brothers, we do not need to be upset. Our leader, our leader Saif ul Rehman is with us,
Saif ul Rehman his name is commitment when he said.
Saif-ur-Rehman said that this system will always run Alhamdulillah give long life to Saif Rehman. Saif Rehman said don’t worry this is the business of your generation and our generation will enjoy this business.
If you have a little bit of business, they will be gone soon so there is no need to worry.

Whoever walks in the way of righteousness, he encounters obstacles, and the obstacles that stand in our way will surely be removed one day.

Millions of people’s jobs are connected with it, millions of people’s money is in it, so many people’s jobs are connected with it, so my God will surely get it out with difficulty.

You may be wondering what is going to happen to the company in the future, so don’t worry, this company will continue to run like this, people will continue to get profit, withdraw has started, today is the second day of Withdraw.


And People is also sharing withdraw screenshots in the group. There is a whole team working on this system that is working on it. Saif is not alone. He is running this business. He is just leading it.

Every department in the company is doing its job. The department of IT is doing its job. The finance department is working and they are doing it very well.

This business is doing very well and will continue to do so.

The third thing is the marketing department. You and I come in. Now it’s your job and ours. We have to respond to our team members. Everyone who is a member of our team is part of our team. If they ask us anything, we will Tell everything accurate to tell the truth and do business And let them know what is going on and let all the leaders lead their team members honestly. From September 1, you can buy things with your own dollars. Don’t worry, Saif Ur Rehman is absolutely safe and your money is safe.

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