B4U Global Withdrawal Issue | How to withdraw B4U money into a Bank account


Today we are talking about b4u global (SR GROUP OF COMPANIES OF PAKISTAN) bank transfer and withdraw issue.

Saif-ur-rahman is the one man army, he is providing ease method to earn money but now B4u is facing NAB case in Pakistan.

Saif-ur-Rehman’s and Ahmar’s also on NAB radar.

Now because of National Accountability Bureau ( NAB ) investigation, Some of the b4u banks are seized in Pakistan only for withdraw.

Once the bank receives the court order, it freezes the funds in your bank account and you won’t be able to withdraw that money or use the funds.

Now after completing the investigation if the B4U owner Saif ur rehman become clear then the withdraw is possible in a legal way.

Why B4U-NAB Case is still in process…

CEO Saif says withdraw will be on after 9 June 2021.

Rehman did not appear before the court as he had tested positive for Covid-19. His request to remain absent from the hearing was accepted till June 9 2021.

The Islamabad High Court has extended interim bail of B4U owner Saif-ur-Rehman’s as their company is being investigated for a fraud (according to NAB).

CEO says he is providing USDT (Deposit and Withdrawal option) as soon as possible 10 June 2021.

Now CEO Saif says in his latest audio that he will on bank withdrawal after 28 June 2021.

Now CEO Saif says in his latest audio that he will on bank withdrawal after 3 August 2021.

Now CEO Saif says in his latest audio that he will on bank withdrawal after 15 August 2021.

High court next date 11/08 2021


What is next ? You can just wait, nothing else is possible.

B4u withdraw may be on from 15 August inshallah… CEO saying…


b4u withdraw list (Unconfirmed)- Click me for pdf


The power of B4U.


All members please follow the instructions  to avoid the delay.

Limits of Withdrawal from PROFIT, BONUS & CASHBOX 👇👇👇
1 پہلا مرحلہ =300
2 دوسرا مرحلہ =500
3 تیسرا مرحلہ =1000
4 چوتھا مرحلہ =5000

High court next date 11/08 2021



Q & A :

  • When bank withdraw will open?

CEO leader says after 15 August it will start, but is not conform.



  • You can withdraw after 15 August


$ u can sell purchase for FT and for new investment.

  • Withdrawal kb tk expected?

Jb case solve hojai tb, but 15 August ko shaid kuch update mil jai, but conform nahi hia.


  • KASHIF from lahore also b4u member how many time for bank withdrawal and which reason of closed

Bank withdraw 3 se 7 din may ajata hia, but nab case ke waja se withdraw abi band hia.




I will suggest to our viewer that withdraw depend on NAB case, try to wait up to NAB case if it solved , may be withdraw start but with big change in policy, charges, %, bones terms etc.

B4U may change there name to SR group of companies.

Don’t send your dollar to bank withdraw with our conformation because B4U will send back it to your cashbox after some days and will cut the bank sending tax.

Simple “Wait wait and Wait…”






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