Today you also had to give very good news about B4U.
I had to give you the news on 14th August but it was a little late.
Many people were saying that we have a lot of dollars in our cash box and what should we do with them.

The good news today is that CEO has been assigned an agreement about Sr Company.
Agreement Name (MOU)
It is signed by a company (The company also has a restaurant in Malaysia, a medical center, a Carpets shop, Different outlets and a number of products.)
You can use SR dollars in cash box to buy different things.

1- You can buy all these things for sr dollars.

2- You can get your medical check up for 150 Dollars.

3- You can go on Umrah.

4- You can buy your ticket in Dubai through SR Dollars.

5- and go in the United States using SR Dollars.

You can buy anything using SR dollars.

6- If you need some things to decorate your home, you can use SR Dollars for buy things.

7- You can also book a hotel using SR dollars.

I will tell you about the business of SR Company..

Akhtar Travel & Tool Operates, Drop Box, Ticket Services, Visa, Airline Reservation Services, Interrail designer, Furniture flooring, Carpets Shops in Islamabad, Multan, Malakand, Swat and Malaysia.

MIR, CT scan in Malaysia Restaurants, Pakistani Products and Foods.

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