B4U crypto deposits will be converted to USD

B4U Global update for Crypto depositor…

 Deposit Important Alert!
It is to notify you that we are changing our policy for crypto deposits. Your all previous crypto deposits will be converted to USD. In addition to this, if you will create any new crypto deposit it will be automatically converted to USD.
(Note: RSC deposits will not changed)


B4u global are changing there policy that “We are changing all deposit of crypto to b4u dollar, and all new investment in crypto will auto change to b4u dollar, this message is showing to all b4u members who have invested in b4u global as a crypto.


The top leaders have show resistance but CEO have not changed there decision and make it b4u policy, now it will give lose to all the crypto members who have deposit in high price, because today BTC is down from 63k to 34k, and b4u withdraw through bank is close from 2 months, so such policy destroy the hope of investors, and they will think 10 time next time while deposit in b4u business, Changing policy everyday that make lose to investors will stop new investment from all big crypto leaders, So we suggest to keep in mind such change of policy while deposit crypto in B4U Global.


CEO need to do survey from the investors who are affecting from such policy. Investors invest base on business policy which remain profitable for them in future.

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