B4U Cashbox Updates

Coming new policy :-

If you have less then $200 as Investment in your deposit, you will not be able to use cashbox, because mostly scammer use b4u-id that have 0 to 50 dollar , do scam sale cashbox dollar on other and runaway, which is not possible to recover from the scammer easily, so you can use cashbox if you have your investment in deposit, if you reported as scammer, b4u can do some recovery from your deposit to the sender.


Some b4u users buy $ on less rate and withdraw it as 150, when some one report such user, b4u block his account as defaulter, but he don’t lose deposit etc because he have no Investment but just create account for buy $ and sale through Cashbox , now after $200 Investment, such account will not be able to do such busniss.


Cashbox Rating :- B4U have implemented rating system so when you send $ to some one and deal between you and receiver end, you will rate his dealing, if he scamme you after $ transfer, or trying to pay less rate of $ ,o try any other type of fraud,  you will rate him Negative, so next time other user that Wana to deal with him will first review his rating and then deal.



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